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08 Feb 24 Website transferred to new computer (from one bought in 2006). Updates to records from data supplied by Fred Lowe.
08 Mar 23 Now over 17,470 workings and 1,575,000 miles. Thanks to Sean Greenslade, Colin Moss and Keith Courtney for the majority of the additional workings. Website update delayed due to computer problems and a house move.
19 Dec 21 Now over 17,200 workings and 1,556,000 miles. Thanks to Fred Lowe and contributors to the Rail Gen Archive for the majority of the additional workings.
17 Jan 21 Now over 17,120 workings and 1,554,000 miles. Thanks to Dick Holland and Steve Kemp for the bulk of these updates which significantly added to the Crewe - Cardiff workings.
1 June 20 Now over 16,730 workings and 1,510,000 miles. Thanks to Gerald Brown, David Barraclough and Peter Hill for additional Yarmouth, Scottish and Exeter - Barnstaple workings. Yarmouth Tains page updated to include references to the locomotive working diagrams.
24 Apr 20 Now over 15,930 workings and 1,459,000 miles. Thanks to Phil Weaver for making his haulage records available and Dave Barraclough for additional 1982 information. Plus many more workings sent in to me during the past year and for the photographs people have posted on Flickr. Aberystwyth Trains page updated to include the Sunday service Barmouth trains.
24 Apr 18 Now over 15,470 workings and 1,404,000 miles. Thanks to Peter Hall for correcting some of the North Wales workings and to those of you who have put photograps of Class 25 locos working passenger trains on both Facebook and Flickr. I have provided links to Facebook photographs but you have to be a member of the appropriate forum in order to see them.
17 Oct 17 Now over 15,320 workings and 1,399,000 miles. Thanks to Richard R
ff train services for that month. Also my thanks to Matthew Wilson, David Pike and Ed Hawthorne for the information they provided. The page showing Individual Loco Mileage and Journey Totals has been updated. Do you know which loco has the least number of recorded passenger train workings or for that matter the most? If not then look at this page.
22 Mar 17 Now over 14,950 workings and 1,352,000 miles. Thanks to Nick Bircham, Sean Greenslade, Scott Currie and Dave Hills for the majority of the additions and amendments in this update.
21st Nov 16 Now over 14,810 workings and 1,345,000 miles. Thanks to Scott Currie for the new workings from the Exeter area and I wish him all the best with his efforts to create the history of Class 45 whereabouts and workings.
24th Aug 16 Now over 14,750 workings and 1,343,000 miles. Links to photographs updated to point to Flickr site wherever possible and many new workings obtained from photographs on that site.
21st May 16 Now with over 14,700 workings and 1,339,000 miles. Links to many photographic and data pages updated (as the use of & in their file names has now been removed!). The Forthcoming Additions page is updated, more in hope than expectation as I don't want to get your hopes up.
29th Sep 15 Now over 14,680 workings and 1,338,000 miles with additional workings from Colin Williams. Updates to the Summer Saturday Aberystwyth and Llandudno trains summary pages on the trains - by date page.
15th Sep 15 Updates to photographic links and corrections to data. Now over 14,660 workings and 1,336,000 miles.
2nd July 15 Minor corrections to data
12th May 15 Now over 14,595 workings and 1,330,000 miles with many additional Crewe-Cardiff workings from Dean Tabor plus additions from several other people over the past year!
2nd Mar 14 Updated photograhic links to Dave Higson's smugmug photo site and minor record amendments.
24th Feb 14 Now over 14,310 workings and 1,294,000 miles with additional workings from Railway Performance Society archives.
30th Dec 13 Now over 14,120 workings and 1,278,000 miles with additional workings from Railway Performance Society archives. Headcodes updated with information provided by Ted Robinson andthe usual set of minor corrections applied. More detail provided in the source of information field. Links page updated.
10th Sep 13 Now over 14,000 workings and 1,267,000 miles with additional workings from Flicr and Facebook photographs, particularly those on Flickr from KDH Archive.
16th Aug 13 Now over 13,980 workings and 1,265,000 miles with additional workings from Flicr and Facebook photographs.
1st April 13 Now over 13,930 workings and 1,261,000 miles with additional workings from Peter Hall relating to early to mid-1970s trains, times and headcodes. Validation of station spelling carried out.
10th Mar 13 Now over 13,820 workings and 1,248,000 miles with additional workings from David Wragg and other Flickr/Facebook photograhic contributors.
2nd Dec 12 Now over 13,740 workings and 1,244,000 miles with additional workings from Adrian Broadbent, George Woods and Keith Long.
19th Aug 12 Now over 13,670 workings and 1,240,000 miles with additional workings provided by Fred Kerr, Brendan Kilgallon and Facebook!
15th Apr 12 Now over 13,530 workings and 1,234,000 miles with additions provided by Dean Tabor and Brendan Kilgallon.
14th Jan 12 New photographs from Paul Johnson from the Cambrian line for the 26th May 1984 and 15th September 1984.
6th Nov 11 Now over 13,520 workings and 1,224,000 miles with additions provided by Garry Parkins and Andrew Calder.
10th Sep 11 Now over 13,480 workings and 1,218,000 miles.
14th May 11 Updated Links page to reflect loss of fotopic sites and other changes.
5th Mar 11 Now over 13,440 workings and 1,215,000 miles with workings added from Oscar and internet photographs.
16th Nov 10 Now over 13,410 workings and 1,213,000 miles with additions provided by a number of people based on their sightings and internet photographs. (In the last year we've added 310 workings and 23,000 miles).
31st Jul 10 Now over 13,350 workings and 1,207,000 miles, additions provided by Steve Thorpe with Derby - Matlock workings from mid-70s. Updated Links page.
6th Apr 10 Now over 13,290 workings and 1,204,000 miles, additions provided by Peter Lovell and Bill Jamieson from the mid-70s
14th Feb 10 Now over 13,130 workings and 1,193,000 miles.
20th Dec 09 Now over 1,191,000 miles. Have been updating existing workings and looking for broken links so not many new ones in the last month.
17th Nov 09 Now over 13,100 workings and 1,190,000 miles.
1st Sep 09 Site migrated to new server and links containing a + cease to work! Manually tracking down affected links so expect a bit of disruption for a while.
2nd Aug 09 Now over 13,040 workings and 1,185,000 miles, additions mostly from early 70s supplied by Brendan Kilgannon.
21st June 09 Now over 13,020 workings and 1,183,000 miles, additions mostly from early 70s extracted from Modern Locomotives Illustrated.
10th May 09 Now over 13,000 workings and 1,182,000 miles, additions mostly from late 70s supplied by Bill Jamieson
10th Feb 09 Now over 12,970 workings and 1,180,000 miles, additions mostly from early 70s.

30th Nov 08

Now over 12,930 workings and 1,175,000 miles, additions mostly from late 70s.
21st Sept 08 Now over 12,910 workings and 1,172,000 miles, additions mostly from late 1979.
14th Sept 08 Now over 12,880 workings and 1,170,000 miles, additions mostly from 1979. New photographs from Trevor Rolfe for 14th April 1984 - "Capital City Transfer" rtr and 8th April 1984 - Euston added. New photographs from Graham Lightfoot for 2007 - Great Central Railway added. New photograph from Nick Bircham for Crewe/North Wales 1978 added. New photograph from David Hills for 1979 Passenger Trains added.
1st Sep 08 Now over 12,860 workings and 1,168,000 miles, additions mostly from 1978.
5th July 08 Now over 1,157,000 miles. A few additions/deletions/changes to the workings over the last few months.
23rd Mar 08 Now over 12,720 workings and 1,155,000 miles. Nine new photographs from Gordon Lacy added to the following pages 1972/73 Midlands, 1977 - Western, Jul/Oct 1977 - Midlands, 1978 - Derby and 1979 - Passenger Trains. This includes 25010 on the Derby running turn and 25099 working a passenger train on the ECML.
27th Jan 08 Now over 12,700 workings and 1,154,000 miles with the addition of mainly Scottish workings from 69 to 79 supplied by Jim Barton.
20th Jan 08

Now over 12,570 workings and 1,147,000 miles with the addition of the Derby area workings for 1972 onwards, including the only recorded passenger train working for 25025.

13th Jan 08 Now over 12,380 workings and 1,130,000 miles with the addition of some 1970's gen from Gordon Lacy. (Still working from two computers and getting photos updated is on hold for a short while).
2nd Dec 07 Recent amendments to loco workings included. Now over 1,126,000 miles. (Currently upgrading computer system and having to reinstall all software on new machine hence the delays in getting other stuff onto here).
4th Nov 07 Photographs by Richard Worman added to the pages 1978 - Scotland , April/September 1985 - Various , 1st September 1984 - Edinburgh and 12th July 1986 - Leicester.
28th Oct 07 Photographs by Mark Bennett and Steve Burdett for 6th October 2007 - Rat Requiem railtour added. Now over 12,350 workings and 1,125,000 miles (with the addition of Scottish Fort William - Glasgow workings from 1976/77 thanks to Bob Spooner).
7th Oct 07 Photographs and a poem for 28th September 1985 - Aberystwyth added to commemorate the 22nd anniversary of the last booked class 25 working from there. The Rat Roadshow poem is added to the Rat Roadshow page (naturally).
2nd Oct 07 Now over 12,310 workings and 1,121,000 miles (with the addition of workings from 1970 to 1972 thanks to Railway Magazine and South West workings from 1978/9 thanks to David Reed). [I actually went back through the 1968/9 Railway Magazines but there were almost no mention of Class 25 loco (or any other diesel) workings in them!]
20th Sep 07 Now over 12,160 workings and 1,107,000 miles (with the addition of workings from 1973 to 1975 thanks to Railway Magazine).
14th Sep 07 Now over 12,030 workings and 1,089,000 miles (with the addition of workings from 1976 and 1977 thanks to Railway Magazine). Six photographs by Richard Worman and Michael Headley added to the page for April/September 1985.
27th Aug 07 Photographs from 27th August 1983 - Aberystwyth added. It's the day that the class 40 loco worked through to Aberystwyth on a scheduled service.
19th Aug 07 Photographs from Feb/June 1983 - Midlands added.
11th Aug 07 Now over 11,960 workings and 1,083,000 miles (with the addition of 1978 Exeter area trains, thanks to David Reed).
4th Aug 07 Photographs from 3rd September 1983 - Aberystwyth added.
29th July 07 Photographs from June/August 1983 - Aberystwyth added and existing pages for 16th July and 28th July merged into this.
25th July 07 Photographs from April/May 1983 - Aberystwyth added.
22nd July 07 Photographs from May/August 1983 - Skegness added (photographs from Firsby Jnct and Skegness).
15th July 07 Photographs from April 1983 - North Wales and Manchester added (part of 100 new photographs from 1983 I have been working on).
1st July 07 Photographs from 2nd January 1978 - Chester/Northwich rescanned and another 14 added.
24th June 07 Now over 11,860 workings and 1,078,000 miles (with the addition of 1977 Plymouth area trains, thanks to David Reed).
14th May 07 Now over 11,810 workings and 1,075,000 miles
7th Apr 07 Now over 11,760 workings and 1,072,000 miles (with the addition of more Skegness trains thanks to Peter Hall). Photographs from 27th July 1986 - Coastway Crusader railtour added.
4th Apr 07 Photographs from Midlands - August 1982 added.
2nd Apr 07 Now over 11,660 workings and 1,063,000 miles (with the addition of Leicester trains thanks to Andy Sales). Photographs from Midlands - Aug/Dec 1981 and Scotland - Aug 1981 added.
28th Mar 07 Now over 11,630 workings and 1,060,000 miles (with the addition of Skegness trains from 1978 thanks to Peter Hall). Photographs from 1977 - Bescot/Walsall added and rescanned. Photographs added to Birmingham 1977, Cardiff 1977, Eastern 1977, North & Manchester 1977, Midlands Aug/Oct 1977, 29 August 1977 Crewe/Cardiff. Photographs from 1st May 1976 - Haymarket rescanned.
14th Mar 07 Photographs from Sept 1975/Jan 1976 -Crewe/Cardiff and 1976 Midlands added.
4th Mar 07 Photographs from Andy Sales added Glasgow Works 1981, Llandudno - Nottingham Trains (May, June, July) 1981, Derby 1982, Euston drags 1984. Now over 11,500 workings and 1,049,000 miles (thanks to Andy Sales and Nick Bircham).
24th Feb 07 Photographs from 14th August 1977 Glasgow St.Rollox Works added.
10th Feb 07 Photographs from 7th June 1986 The Welsh Thunderer outward and return leg added.
3rd Feb 07 Photographs from 29th June 1986 Edinburgh Flyer charter train added.
14th Jan 07 Photographs from Midlands Aug/Oct 1977 added and Birmingham 1977 rescanned.
1st Jan 07 Photographs from Derby Works Open Day 1974 and Birmingham 1975 added.
10th Dec 06 Now over 11.450 workings and 1,044.000 miles.
2nd Dec 06 Now over 11.440 workings and 1,042.000 miles.
11th Nov 06 Photographs for the 'Edwalton Equinox' railtour added.
1st Oct 06 Now over 11,420 workings and 1,040,000 miles.  B&W photographs for 5th June 1977 added and pages restructured, now includes the Class 24 excursion train.  The three pages show the Journey to Barmouth, At Barmouth and Return to Shrewsbury.
20th Aug 06 Photographs for the 4th September 1977 added. This includes all photographs I took that day including a Class 40 at Aberystwyth and the Vale of Rheidol steam engines.
30th July 06 Now over 11,350 workings and 1,033,000 miles (with the addition of Skegness trains from 1979 onwards thanks to Peter Hall). New page showing individual loco mileages and journey totals added.
16th July 06 Now over 11,150 workings and 1,014,000 miles with the addition of most of the missing Yarmouth trains from 1975 onwards thanks to Peter Hall).
5th July 06 Now over 10,840 workings and 980,000 miles.
18th June 06 Now over 10,780 workings and 974,000 miles.
7th May 06 Now over 10,750 workings and 971,000 miles.
30th April 06 Loco & date workings pages updated. Now over 10,720 workings and 970,000 miles (additional 1968/9 Llandudno workings courtesy of John Powell). Photographs for Birmingham 1977, Bescot/Walsall 1977 , Eastern Region 1977 and Manchester 1977 added.  (These are the last of the colour slides from my collection).
23rd April 06 Photographs for Cardiff, Crewe and Gloucester 1977 added. Now over 500 photographs on this site.
17th Apr 06 Now over 10,620 workings and 956,000 miles. Photographs for Derby 1978 and Crewe/Chester 1978 added.
10th Apr 06 Llandudno trains page updated with workings from 1964 to 1967. Now over 10,600 recorded workings.
26th Mar 06 Loco & date workings pages updated. Now over 10,590 workings and 954,000 miles (additional 1966/7 Llandudno workings courtesy of John Powell).
19th Mar 06 Loco & date workings pages updated. Now over 10,400 workings and 930,000 miles.  Photographs for August 1977 Scotland added.
12th Mar 06 Two pages of photographs for 5th June 1977, Shrewsbury to Barmouth and Barmouth to Shrewsbury.  Three Signature Series photographs from Barmouth added (2 and 3).
5th Mar 06 Loco & date workings pages updated. Now over 10,360 workings (additional workings from Fotopic websites) and 927,000 miles.
26th Feb 06 Loco & date workings pages updated. Now over 10,320 workings (additional 1978/9 workings courtesy of Brian Godwin) and 924,000 miles.
19th Feb 06 Loco & date workings pages updated. Now over 10,200 workings and 913,000 miles. Photographs for May 1976 Haymarket and September 1976 Barmouth
12th Feb 06 Photographs for 1976 Midlands added.
4th Feb 06 Photographs for 1975 added.
29th Jan 06 Photo added to 1973 Worcester and new page for 1974 photographs.
17th Jan 06 Page for Llandudno train workings added and now over 911,000 miles.
14th Jan 06 Page for Yarmouth train workings added.  Now over 10,170 workings (addition diagrammed workings for East Midland trains) and over 910,000 miles.
8th Jan 06 Photographs from Steve Kemp added Welshpool, Manchester, Bristol & Wolverhampton. Loco and date workings pages updated.  Now over 9,810 workings (addition East Midlands and Sheffield workings 1973 to 1979 courtesy of Stephen Ford) and over 887,000 miles.
2nd Jan 06 Loco and date workings pages updated.  Now over 9,280 workings (additions Crewe - Cardiff & North Wales from 1978-84 courtesy of Steve Kemp) and 832,000 miles.
28th Dec 05 Loco and date workings pages updated.  Now over 9,140 workings (additions mainly pre-1980) and 821,000 miles.  Photographs of Cardiff/Bristol in 1975 added.
11th Dec 05 Photographs of Par in 1976 added (to complete my collection from Devon and Cornwall but I've still 130 more colour slides to upload over the next few months).
4th Dec 05 Photographs of St. Blazey MPD in 1976 and more photographs added to the Cornwall in June 1976 page.
27th Nov 05 Photographs of locos in Devon in the 1970s added.  Now over 9,130 workings (additions pre-1979).
19th Nov 05 Photographs of locos in Cornwall in June 1976 added.  [These are part of a large number of colour slides from 1976 to 1979 that I am currently scanning.  Due to their age I am having to do a lot of image improvement work, hence the delay in site updates].
6th Nov 05 Loco and date workings pages updated.  Now over 9,120 workings (additions mainly for 1979) and 820,000 miles.
23rd Oct 05 Loco and date workings pages updated.  Now over 9,100 workings (additions mainly South West from 1977) and 817,000 miles.
22nd Oct 05 Photographs of locos on Freight & Depot during August/September 1979 and a selection of Passenger Trains from the second half of 1979 added.
16th Oct 05 Photographs of Freight & Engineering Trains in early 1980 added.
9th Oct 05 Photographs of the Atlantic Coast Express 1V railtour (Meeth/Meldon) added.  Now 9,090 and 816,000 miles of workings in the database.
26th Sep 05 Loco and date workings pages updated with headcodes and mileages.  Whilst still 9,070 workings (some duplicated entries eliminated) there are now 814,000 miles of workings.  Photographs of 25224 and 25286 at Longsight Depot in 1981 added.
14th Sep 05 Loco and date workings pages updated.  Now over 9,070 workings (additions mainly North Wales between 1978 and 1980) and 785,000 miles. Photograph of 25216 at Hereford 3/8/79 added.
1st Sep 05 Loco and date workings pages updated.  Now over 8,870 workings (additions mainly Scottish between 1978 and 1980) and 765,000 miles.
28th Aug 05 Rat Poison newsletters added to the Rat Roadshow pages.  Now 8,840 workings.
23rd Aug 05 Photographs of 25190 at Glasgow 28/08/86, 25296 at Shrewsbury and 25256 at Hereford added.  Now 8,830 workings and 763,000 miles
12th Aug 05 DARTS newsletters and Anti Forty Times added to the Rat Roadshow pages.  Now 8,800 workings and 761,000 miles.
8th Aug 05 Loco and date workings pages updated.  Now over 8,750 workings (additions mainly from 1978) and 755,000 miles.  New working identified for 25004.
31st Jul 05 Loco and date workings pages updated.  Now over 8,700 workings and 748,000 miles.
27th Jul 05 Discussion board added - your chance to tell me what you want to see here
22nd Jul 05 Performance logs for 28/9/85, 25/7/86, 12/8/86 and 24/8/86 added.
16th Jul 05 Photopages for Aberystwyth 82 and 3rd July 82-Cambrian added.
11th Jul 05 Photopages for North West 82, Scotland Aug/Oct 82 and two photographs to Apr/Oct 82 West Midlands added
3rd Jul 05 Performance log for 6/5/85 and 100 new workings from 1978 added
26th Jun 05 Photopage for Apr/Sept 82 West Midlands and performance log for the 28/9/85 added.
23rd Jun 05 Photopage for Apr/July 82 East Midlands added
16th Jun 05 Photopages for 31 May 82 and 23 April 1984 added.
8th Jun 05 Photopage for Mar/Apr 82-Scotland added.
6th Jun 05 Photopages for Oct/Dec 81-Scotland, 18/9/82, 26/11/83 and 5/6/85 added.
31st May 05 Recollections page for 29th October 1984 and Class 25/1-25/9 technical details added
26th May 05 Class 25/0 technical details section added as part of Performance pages
22nd May 05 Performance and timings page added featuring Talerddig
16th May 05 Aberystwyth Trains 1978 - 1984 pages added to Loco and Date Index pages.
3rd May 05 Skegness Trains & Locos page added to Loco Index.  Worcester 1973 pictures added.
24th Apr 05 Photopages for Scotland (Jul 81, Aug 81, 24 Oct 81), Midlands (Jul/Aug 81), Aberystwyth Trains (Jul 81) and Kensington Olympia (Oct 81) added.
17th Apr 05 Loco and date working pages updated with 100 records dating from 1974 to 1981 plus usual amendments and corrections
10th Apr 05 Photopages for May and June 81 added.
4th Apr 05 Photopages for March and April 81 added.
28th Mar 05 Photopages for November/December 80 and January 1981 updated.  Loco workings for 25056 and 25217 updated.
23rd Mar 05 Loco and date working pages updated.  Recollections for 12th July 1985 photopages for November 80/January 81 added.
13th Mar 05 Date Workings pages now 'database' driven and updated.  Photopages for 2 & 31 August 1980 and North Wales August and September 1980 added
9th Mar 05 Loco Workings pages now 'database' driven and updated - individual loco pages are stored Excel webpages created from an Access database as opposed to manually managed pages.
5th Mar 05 Photopages for 19-21 July 1980 added
27th Feb 05 Photopages for 22 - 25 July 1980 and Recollections for 19th July 1980 added
16th Feb 05 Recollections for 16th July 1983 and supporting photographs added.  New photopages, associated pictures for 30th July 2003 and Forthcoming Additions page added.
8th Feb 05 Meanings page added to explain codes used on loco and date pages.
2nd Feb 05 Monthly records for 1982-90 added.  More photo collections added and Links, recollections and credits pages created.
27th Jan 05 All individual loco records complete. Monthly records up to 81 added. Full size photographs for home page, more photo pages and photographs for Aberdeen 77 and Chester 78 added.
20th Jan 05 Records for locos 25001 - 25230 added.  5th Oct 85 photographs added.
16th Jan 05 3rd June 78 and 6th May 85 Aberystwyth photographs rescanned
7th Jan 05 New homepage in table format.  Rat Roadshow page updated with text and photograph.
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