Class 25 Action

Aberystwyth Sunday 4th September 1977

Vale of Rheidol 75th Anniversary Special Trains

No less than three additional trains were run to Aberystwyth this day.  This page shows all the activity in chronological order.  As will be seen, by the time the class 40 had got to Aberystwyth what had started as a cloudy overcast day became a very wet one and we sought shelter on the Vale of Rheidol line for a couple of hours!  It was still raining heavily when we caught our last train from Caersws.

(L) 25263 heads the 0845 Barmouth departure at Birmingham New Street with 25253 and 25262 standing by waiting for their train to arrive

 (C) 25187 and 25145 drop onto the stock for the Barmouth train (and leaving 25263 & 25274 behind) and (R) 25145 is seen here at the front of the train awaiting departure time.

(L) 25145 (front) and 25187 prepare to leave Newtown with the Barmouth train and (C) shortly after departure the train slows for the token exchange at Newtown's signal box.

(R) In 1977 the Sunday local train to Aberystwyth follows the Barmouth train and M50398 heads this into Newtown.

(L) 25262(front) and 25253 head the Stroud excursion train into Aberystwyth.  There are two more trains due here today so 25262 runs round the train and draws the stock out of the station to release 25253 (R)

(L & C) 25264 and 25272 approach Aberystwyth with an [unknown!] excursion/charter train.  (R) The stock off this train is pulled out of the station by 25253 to release the locomotives.

40004 is at the head of the last of this day's special trains to arrive at Aberystwyth.

(L and C) 8 'Llywelyn' heads an afternoon departure from Aberystwyth, whilst (R) the same loco is seen at Devil's Bridge waiting to return to Aberystwyth.

 9 'Prince of Wales' takes on water at Aberffrwd.  This is really the only 'station' on the line apart from Devil's Bridge.

8 'Llywelyn' returns to Aberystwyth from Devil's Bridge and then reverses the stock back out towards the shed.

(L) A 'full house' at Aberystwyth with 40004, 25272/25264, DMU and 25253.

(C & R) 40004 waits to depart with the return special to the Manchester area

(L) Aberystwyth signal box.  (R) The Shrewsbury bound DMU departs Caersws, this time M50398 is the rear car.

25187 (Front) and 25145 arrive at Caersws with the timetabled Barmouth - Birmingham train.

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