Class 25 Action

Bescot/Walsall 1977

(L) 25212 draws its freight train into Bescot on the 27th April.

On the 22nd June (C) 25180 works into Bescot from the North and (R) 25260 heads the other way .

On the 25th June (L) 25169 heads 25145 at Birmingham New Street station with the Yarmouth - Walsall whilst (R) is the turn of 25145 to head the ECS off that train out of Walsall to Oxley carriage sidings.

A few days later on the 29th June (L) 25029 works a south bound freight service into Bescot from the Wolverhampton direction. (C) 25206 enters Bescot station from the north and (L) 25273 approaches Ryecroft Junction from the Walsall.

(L) 25293 arrives at Bescot from the Wolverhampton direction on 29th June.

On the 27th July (C) 25216 works into Bescot from the Walsall direction and (R) 25164 and 25298 wait for a crew change in Bescot station.

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