Class 25 Action

Passenger Trains July 1979/January 1980


Saturday 25th August at Newport: (L) 25063 prepares to leave for Cardiff with the 06.03 departure from Crewe and (C) later that day 25063 arrives with the 17.10 Cardiff - Crewe service.

(R) 25131 (front) and 25135 wait in the sidings at Skegness with the stock for the 18.50 departure for Leicester on Monday 27th August.

Sunday 29th July: (Top L) 25147 (front) and 25040 run round the stock of the 08.45 Birmingham - Barmouth train at Shrewsbury.

(Top R and Bottom L) 25147 heads the train away from Dovey Junction and on to Barmouth.  (Bottom R) It's now the turn of 25040 to head the return working, although it subsequently failed at Machynlleth and was removed.

(Top) Saturday 11th August at Shotton: (L) 25211 is on the 07.30 Nottingham - Llandudno whilst (R) 25194 heads the 10.10 Stalybridge - Llandudno.

(Bottom) Saturday 8th September: (L) 25235 heads towards Rhyl with the 10.40 Manchester - Llandudno whilst later that day (R) 25121 arrives at Chester station with the 14.40 Manchester - Llandudno.

1st December at Exeter St. Davids (L) 25080 on arrival at Exeter with the 17.45 departure from Barnstaple and (C) 25080 having shunted the stock around now stands ready to depart with the 20.10 to Paignton.

(R) 25066 readies for departure from Perth with the 11.05 Edinburgh train on a cold 26th January 1980 morning.

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