Class 25 Action

Midlands February to June 1983

(L) 25211 in the sidings at Wolverhampton station during February.

(C) 25327 (front), 25289 and 25266 at Rugby on the 27th February in readiness for that weekend's engineering trains.

(R) 25051 is seen uncoupling from 47432 at Birmingham New Street station on the 6th March. The Rat had assisted the overnight 2350 Glasgow Central - Bristol train from Stafford for the diversion via Cannock.

(L) 25027 and 25083 wait at Coventry for the Euston - Bridgnorth charter train on the 23rd April.

(C) 25300 readies to leave Euston station with one of the coaches off an overnight train on Sunday 15th May.

(R) The 1223 Birmingham - Norwich train was worked through to Leicester by 25178 on the 29th May where it was removed and a class 31 locomotive took the train forward.

22nd May: (L) 25133 and 25138 wait at Birmingham New Street for the 0855 Wigan - Bridgnorth excursion. (C and R) 25138 (front) and 25133 on arrival at Bewdley.

22nd May: (L and C) 25133 and 25138 come off the excursion train at Bewdley. (R) 25133 (front) and 25138 reach Wolverhampton on the returning excursion train where they are removed for an electric loco to take the train onward.

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