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Barmouth Sunday 5th June 1977

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There is no doubt that my reason for visiting Barmouth this day was to photograph the 'Cambrian Coast Express' featuring two Class 24 locomotives.  If I remember correctly we were surprised (but grateful) for there being the additional excursion trains from York and Stroud to photograph as well!

For other pictures from this day check out the North Wales Railways and the Derby Sulzers websites.

Anticipating there would be a shortage of sidings this day, the first train down the line, headed by 25120 (front) and 25254 had to take the stock off the Stroud - Barmouth excursion some distance down the Pwllheli line to free up space.  Adjacent to the data panel on 25254 was a small sticker advertising Class 40 preservation!

The third train down the line (the second being the service train from Birmingham) saw 25253 (front) and 25101 at the head of an ADEX from York.  Here the train can be seen passing through Morfa Mawddach and over the Barmouth Viaduct.

Having crossed the Barmouth Viaduct, 25253 and 25101 round the curve and approach the tunnel outside Barmouth.

The final train of the day was the NSPCC 'Cambrian Coast Express' from Crewe with 24133 (front) and 24082.  We had walked to the other side of the bridge and this sequence of shots starts with the train approaching Morfa Mawddach station.

24133 (front) and 24082 (rear) run through Morfa Mawddach station and head for Barmouth.
24133 (front) and 24082 (rear) cross the Barmouth Viaduct and head onto Barmouth where the train will terminate.
The North Wales 2D53 website gives a good explanation of all the shunting manoeuvres that took place that day.  After all the fuss was over, 25101 lined up alongside 24082 to await their respective departure times.

Quite possibly the last time Class 25 and Class 24 locomotives were seen at Barmouth at the same time?

24082 and 24133 with the return NSPCC excursion train to Crewe would be the first train away.  24082 was adorned with small Welsh and UK flags and carried a 'Class40 Road Show On Tour' for this photo call.  The Queen's Silver Jubilee was two days later and the whole nation was more patriotic than normal.
By departure time the Class 40 headboard had been replaced by that of the the more familiar Cambrian Coast Express.

Now it is the turn of 25101 and 25253 (rear) to follow and can be seen here accelerating away from Barmouth with the returning excursion train to York and heading back across the wooden bridge towards Morfa Mawddach.

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