Class 25 Action

Saturday 12th April 1980

Hertfordshire/Lea Valley Railtour "Atlantic Coast Express 1V"

This railtour ran from Paddington to Meeth and Meldon china clay quarries. 31163 and 31304 worked the train as far as Exeter where 25225 and 25080 took over.  The route was from Exeter to Meeth and return followed by Exeter to Meldon. 

(Left) 25225 (front) and 25080 back onto the railtour stock at Exeter St. Davids.

 (Center & Right) On arrival at Torrington (9 miles from Meeth) the front engine, 25225, has to be detached and run round the train.  The run round facilities at Meeth are insufficient for a train of this length and the train is to be top and tailed from here.

25225 is detached from the tour and runs round the train.  25080 is now at the front of the train and has the headboard attached to it.

25080 stands at Meeth with the railtour for a photographic stop.  (Unfortunately there's not a lot of room to get a clear shot!)

Back at Torrington, 25080 drops off the rear of the train and runs round to rejoin 25225 for the rest of the journey to Exeter St. Davids.

It was originally planned to run the locos round the train at Crediton but probably because of its length the train returned an extra seven miles to Exeter to do this.  (Left) Now en-route to Meldon Quarry, with 25225 leading,  the train has a photostop at Okehampton, a couple of miles short of the quarry.  (Center & Right) Meldon Quarry is a bit of a dusty place as can be seen in these pictures.

(Top) 25225 (front) and 25080 come off the railtour and run round the train for the last time.

(Bottom) 25080 heads the train back to Exeter where the pair hand over to the Class 31s for the return to London.

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