Class 25 Action

Paddington Saturday 2nd October 1982

1V58 08.35 Birmingham New Street - Paddington

From the April/October 1982-West Midlands trains pictures.

25044 stands in Paddington station on the 2nd October having arrived with the 08.35 Birmingham - Paddington service.  On release the loco ran off to Old Oak Common for refueling and returned to work the 17.41 Paddington - Manchester service.

This day will eventually feature as a Recollections page.  Suffice for the moment to say that I missed this train at Birmingham because of dud gen and leapt to London for its early afternoon return.  Unfortunately I was then told that the loco had failed (more dud gen) and headed back to the Midlands on it's diagrammed working.  Unfortunately for me when I got back to 'base' I found everybody was off to Banbury to cover its return on a later train!

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