Class 25 Action

Dundee Saturday 27th March 1982

2G42 10.21 Dundee - Edinburgh

From the March/April 1982-Scotland pictures.

25027 heads out of Dundee with the 1021 departure for Edinburgh.

It wasn't very often that I declined to take a class 25 for mileage but I been on the inward working and was looking for "New Engines" or more exactly "New For The Year" as by 1982 I didn't need very many locos for haulage.  In fact my next move was the "NFTY" 47418, north to Aberdeen.  Thinking of Dundee brings back some poignant memories for me (that I'll one day feature in a Recollections article), however in the meantime you'll have to make do with what is probably the best station shot I took there.

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