Class 25 Action

North West Popex Trains Monday 31st May 1982

The visit to the UK of Pope John II during the Spring Bank Holiday weekend saw BR run numerous additional trains.  Bashers, such as myself, moved from one part of the country to another over several days to cover them.  On this day many of the Manchester - Blackpool trains were loco hauled.  Amongst the services that ran this day (check out for a full list) I caught the following on camera and had in total 22 different trains for haulage!

 25282 heads the 1740 Blackpool - Manchester train into Chorley (left)

25032 arrives at Adlington with the 1815 Manchester - Blackpool service (right)

25130 arrives at Leyland with the 1840 Blackpool - Manchester train

Around 17.00hrs Class 25 25132 headed a freight train bound for Manchester through Bolton station

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