Class 25 Action

East Midlands April/July 1982

25220 (left) pauses in Sheffield station whilst en-route to Manchester Red Bank on the 15th April.  The train is the ECS off the 0826 Cleethorpes - Doncaster which was a rare Class 25 working.

25136 (right) heads south through Chesterfield station with a freight train on the 21st April.

On the 2nd May 25072 stands at Leicester with the 18.37 Birmingham - Norwich train.  However this loco wasn't destined to go any further as 25051 was lined up to take the train forward.

25072 is released from the train whilst 25051 waits to replace it.  Finally for the enthusiasts it's now make your mind up time whether to go forward with the train after 25051 is coupled onto the stock.

25072 features again, this time on the 31st July when it worked the 08.57 Sheffield - Llandudno train.  Seen here at Sheffield (left) and waiting to depart from Barnsley (right).

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