Class 25 Action

Scotland March/April 1982

Having coupled 25057 onto the 1240 to Carlisle Glasgow's Shunter first looks back to see the Guard carry out the brake test and then chats to the Driver prior to the train's departure on the 6th March. 

On 27th March 25027 heads the 08.25 Edinburgh - Dundee train at Edinburgh.

And on the same day the return working sees 25027 on the 10.21 departure from Dundee to Edinburgh.

25079 first reverses the stock for the 1712 Perth - Arbroath out of the station and then brings it back into the correct platform for the Dundee train on the 27th March.

Haymarket is host to 25064 (left) and 08286 on the 27th March.  Whilst the 25 would see more service the 08 was withdrawn the following month.

25227 (right) sits is a Haymarket resident on the 14th April.

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