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A number of websites have provided me with substantial amounts of information regarding Class 25 locomotives or passenger train workings from this era.  I highly recommend the following sites for your further research or enjoyment.

Loco Workings
Rail Gen Archive Simply the best source of information regarding locomotive workings from the 70's to the 90's - go there and send them your records before you lose them!
Six Bells Junction Claimed to be "Probably the largest source of railtour gen...anywhere on the planet!" and essential reading for non-timetabled trains
Table 29 Lists the locos working the Liverpool/Manchester to Cleethorpes/Hull services 1984-88
Class 31/4 The Charts - list of class 31/4 workings, photos, etc -mainly Anglia
Class 40 Class 40 "Motherlist" - list of all workings, sightings, photos, etc
Railway Performance Soc. The Railway Performance Society publishes logs of historical train journeys/timings and maintains accurate route mileages/speed restriction details for those interested in train performance both current and historical.
Class 25 locomotives
Derby Sulzers David Hill's superb website that tells the story of the BR/Sulzer Type 2's from their inception through to withdrawal with a quality selection of photographs
Photographic Sites
Type Two Mark Bennett's site with both sound and vision of Class 25's and other locos
Railways of North Wales Dave Plimmer's photographs and text of trains on the North and Mid-Wales railways, mainly taken between 1976 and 1983.  Useful timetable links.
Flickr Following the demise of Fotopic there are a large number of historic Class 25 photographs to be found here from many contributors. Best use the search function to find them!
Martin Bray An extensive collection of quality photographs, majority are shed shots but covers a wide area of the country.
Other Photo Sites
Rail Photo Archive Covers everything and has plenty of mid-70s photographs that interested me.
Railway Herald Lots of Class 25 photographs to be found here
Rail Blue And more here from the 'blue' era
Preserved Class 25s
Latest_Gen Details of recent news and forthcoming workings by preserved class 24, 25, 26 and 27 locos
Preserved Locos Working The PRESGEN website giving details of scheduled workings
Galas and Special Trains The PLEG website giving details of Diesel Galas and special workings
Preserved Diesels Preserved Diesels - Details of all preserved diesels and where they can be found
Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway - Home of 25235
Caledonian Railway Caledonian Railway (Brechin) - Home of 25072, 25083
Churnet Valley Railway Churnet Valley Railway - Home of 25322
Dean Forest Railway Dean Forest Railway - Home of 25283
Epping & Ongar Railway Epping & Ongar Railway - Home of 25173
Great Central Railway Great Central Railway - Home of 25035, 25265
Great Central Railway North Nottingham Transport Heritage Centre - Home of 25279
K&W Valley Railway Keighley & Worth Valley Railway - Home of 25059
Kent & East Sussex Rly Kent & East Sussex Railway - Home of 25244 (but don't hold your breath!)
Midland Railway Centre Midland Railway Centre - Home of 25321
North Norfolk Railway North Norfolk Railway - Home of 25057
North Yorkshire Moors Rly North Yorkshire Moors Railway - Home of 25278
Paignton & Dartmouth Rly Paignton & Dartmouth Railway - Home of 25185
Battlefield Line Battlefield Line (Shackerstone) - Home of 25067
South Devon Railway South Devon Railway - Home of 25191, 25262
Wensleydale Railway Wensleydale Railway - Home of 25313
West Coast Railways West Coast Railways (Carnforth) - Home of 25309
Caledonian Diesel Group Caledonian Diesel Group - Owners of 25072, 25083
Dean Forest RDA Dean Forest Railway Diesel Association - Owners of 25283
D7629 Mark Fowler - Owner of 25279
Midland Diesel Group Midland Diesel Group - Owner of 25321
SDR Diesel Traction South Devon Railway Diesel Traction - Owners of 25191, 25262
SRPS Diesel Group SRPS Diesel Group - Owners of 25235
25235 Towards the restoration of 25235
Other Preserved Locos
Class 15 Class 15 Preservation Society
Fotopic Sites In 2011 Fotopic ceased trading and the following photographic sites disappeared. It is worth checking other photographic locations, such as Flickr, for these photographers as they had interesting pictures on their sites.
Andrew Bannister Lineside photographs from the scenic lines of North and Mid-Wales.
Richard Boyd Photographs from the Manchester area
Brian Daniels Lots of pictures from 78 & 79.  Mainly 3/4 views but worth viewing the photographs of 76s as well as the Type 2s!
Geoff Griffiths Good selection of photographs from the late 70s and early 80s, including some from the Cambrian.
Ian Hammond Class 24's and 25's site with 500+ photographs in work and preservation
Mike Hollick My favourite purely photographic site.  Lots of freight train action from their last days in service.
Steve Kemp Over 120 pictures of Class 25s at work from the late 70s onwards.
Alan Lea Mainly photographs from South Wales
Chris Caley Electric locos - I loved them on the many West Coast 'overnights' I had to do in my time. These are well worth viewing for a more contemporary view.
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