"Please give a big hand to ..."

Never let it be said .... that I don't give credit where credit is due.  Many of the following individuals provided me with the thirst and enthusiasm to 'endure' endless overnights and desperate leaps in pursuit of Class 25 locos and "New Engines".  Others have contributed invaluable bits and pieces of information, often unknowingly, to enable me to construct this website.  My thanks goes to all concerned.

The Rat Roadshow

Mark Bennett ("No 1"), Nick Lawford, John Cowburn ("P51"), Dave Craik, Dave Gee ("Z51"), Phill Taylor ("Heckmondwick"), Craig Ryan and Brendan Kilgallon ("The Brads")

Desperados, personal heroes and great bashers I am glad to have known

The Birmingham 8/9 Roadshow ("Chas", "Hair Bear", "Jimmy Hill", "Wet Mac", et al - hope all has gone well with you), Jed, Andy Mustoe, Dave Rollason RIP ("Wellington")

"WebMasters" and people with quality websites and whose ideas I may have begged, borrowed or 'stole'

"Ud" and "Clayhead" of 1980's Timewarp, Dave Hills of Derby Sulzers (BR Class 24s and 25s), Gary Thornton of Six Bells Junction, Dave Plimmer of 2D53

Gen Merchants

Dave Ashcroft, David Ashley, Gareth Aspden, Bill Atkinson, Jake Atkinson, Guy Austing, David Bagley, Andrew Bannister, David Barraclough, Mark Bartlett, Phil Bartlett, Brian Basterfield, T Baxendale, Aled Betts, Alistair Betts, Malcolm Best, Lewis Bevan, Bideford Rail Group, Nick Bircham, Scully Blakeman, Richard Boyd, Ernie Brack, Adrian Broadbent, John Broderick, Gerald Brown, Lee Brown, Stephen Brown, Carl Brunnock, Steve Burdett, Steve Burgess, David Burrell, Jim Burton, Mister C, Andrew Calder, Gray Callaway, Richard Campbell, John Carter, Dave Chamberlain,  Chesterfield Observer, Chi Trevor. Chris Collins, Mike Connell, Kevin Cooke, Peter Cooper, Dave Coxon, Derek Cross, Simon Cuddeford, Scott Currie, Stephen Dance, Brian Daniels, J Davenport, Richard Davis, David Dockray, Stephen Dowle, Gordon Edgar, Duncan Elsey, Derek Elston, Mark Elvey, Neil Evans, Ian Fleming, Andy Flowers, Stephen Ford, Steve Fulcher, Gerard Fletcher, Dave Ford, Arnie Furniss, Don Gatehouse, Paul Gleave, Jerry Glover, Brian Godwin, Larry Goddard, Clive Greatorex, Paul Green, Sean Greenslade, "Captain Grey", Martin Griffin, Paul Griffin, Griffin Images, Adrian Griffith, Geoff Griffiths, Anthony Guppy, Peter Hall, Ian Hammond, Jim Hardwick, David Harlott, Thomas Harper, Mark Harrington, Darren Harris, D Hawkins, Ed Hawthorne, David Hayes, Steve Haynes, Jonathan Hazan, Michael Headley, Dave Higson, Dave Hilling, Dave Homer, Dave Hodkinson, Richard Howat, Colin Harris, Roger Harris (for 'The Allocation History of BR Diesels & Electrics'), Mark Harrison, Tom Heavyside, David Higson, Dave Hills, Mike Hodge ("Tipton"), Tim Holden, Ken Howard (for the 1H8x series of books), Jane Howard (for starting my interest in Class 25 locos), David Ingram, Jamerail, Bill Jamieson, Ken Joy, KDH Archive (Flickr), Steve Kemp, Kike Kerry, Jim Knight, Eddie Knorn, Gordon Lacy, Alan Lea, Oliver Leetham, Leighton Logs, Keith Long, Peter Lovell, Fred Lowe, Ed Lund (for 'To the Last Drop' and the SO booklets), Andy McLelland, Trevor Machell, Roger Marsh, Steve Marshall, Ken Mathews, Martin Mayes, Graham Measures, Alan Morris, Gavin Morrison, Michael Naylor, Adrian Nicholls, Chris Nutall, Michael Oakley, Alan Osborn, Garry Parkins, Brian Parkes, Colin Partington, Keith Partlow, John Piesing, David Pike, Dave Plimmer, John Powell, Bevan Price, Kevin Price, Dave Rapson, Ian Rear, David Reed, Nicholas Rennie, Mike Rhodes, Phil Richards, Glenn Rivett, Pete Robins, Martin Robertson, Ted Robinson, Trevor Rolfe, Nigel Rollings, Richard Rooker, Nick Ross, Stephen Rueth, Gerry Ryan, Andy Sales, Peter Scott, Hugh Searle, Mark Shipman, Jeremy Sides, Craig Simmons, Peter Slagel, Peter Smith, Dave Spencer, Bob Spooner, John Stephens, Andy Stokes, Jon Stubley, Dean Tabor, Martin Tasker, Kevin Taylor, Brian Thomas, Gordon Thomson, Steve Thorpe, Peter Tonks, Chris Totty, Tony Traynor, Philip Tromans, John Turner, Steve Turner, D. Vickers, Nigel Wagstaff, Chris Walker, Michael Warrender, Neil Webster (for the 80's Loco Hauled Travel books), David West, Barrie Williams, David Williams, Graham Williams, Phil Wieland, Peter Wolfe, John Wood, George Woods, John Woolley, Steve Woodhouse, George Woods, Tony Woof, Richard Worman, David Wragg, A.O. Wynn, Andy Young

This list will grow and grow so please don't be offended if I haven't included you yet, just blame it on my old age!


There is a lot to be said for the printed media over websites such as this. You can take time to admire the skill of the photographer and the knowledge of the writer in a way this site can never hope to equal. The following books have supported my interest over the years and if you can get hold of a copy (and I'm not lending you mine before you ask!) then you won't be sorry. However don't take all you read as fact, some of the older sources contain factual errors that only became known about in later years.

David Clarke "Diesels In Depth - Classes 24/25", Ian Allan Publishing, 2006

Hugh Dady "Rail Portfolios 8 - The 24s and 25s", Ian Allan, 1989

Alan Baylis "Class 25's Action '85", RAM Publications, 1986

Colin. J. Marsden "Brush-Sulzer Locomotives", Ian Allan, 1985

Barry J. Nicolle "The Last Years of the Class 25s", Ian Allan, 1985

Alan Baylis "Class 25's Action '84", RAM Publications, 1985

A.T.H Tayler "Sulzer Types 2 and 3", Ian Allan, 1984

Chris Perkins & Michael Oakley "BR Class 24/25 Diesels", Bradford Barton, 1982

Colin. J. Marsden "Profile of the Class 24s and 25s", Oxford Publishing Company,1981

Brian Webb, "Sulzer Diesel Locomotives of British Rail", David & Charles, 1978

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