The List

"Well, I've had more miles than anyone else ..."

Quote by Alan Baylis to Mark Bennett and co on hearing that they had only been at the Severn Valley Railway for one of the diesel gala days whilst he had been there for two!

Call yourself a Rat Basher?  Well back in the 80s if you wanted to be considered one you had to be on the LIST otherwise you were playing in the Vauxhall Conference as far as the Rat Roadshow were concerned.  But what was the LIST and how did one get on it I hear you ask?

Well it all started in 84 when a sudden influx of Bashers appeared on the Cambrian line to 'wag the thrash' off class 25s tackling Talerddig Incline.  To identify between those who were Top Men (ie had been there in 83!) and those who had just appeared rules were drawn up to create THE LIST 84.  I'll post a copy of that when I find it again but in the meantime here is THE LIST 85 and THE LIST ALL TIME as they appeared in 1985.

In reality there was never a list drawn up that ranked individuals and this was all meant as a bit of fun.  However you can be assured the totals were carefully designed to ensure that only Mark B and myself would make it to the Premier League every year.  Err, did I mention that at the time?


Following on from the outstanding success of ’84 we present the official LIST for 1985.  The rules are straightforward simply fill in the boxes with your points gained for each of the questions.  Add them up and see which division  your total puts you.  As the year goes on see how your standing increases amongst the Rat Bashers and try to make it into the PREMIER LEAGUE.  Last year only a mere handful of people managed it, this year will be even harder.  Are you man enough to accept the challenge?  If so read on.

Add up your total mileage for the year off the Class 25 locos.  (Remember, taking a pair will give you double mileage!)  You get one point for each 100 miles.



Add up the number of different Class 25s you have had for haulage this year.  You can count two points for each loco.



For each train that you get a Rat on you score one point, be it an ADEX, RAILTOUR or normal service train.  (But remember a railtour is only one train even if it gets two pairs of Rats).


For each service train (ie not an ADEX, CHARTER or RAILTOUR) you get an extra point.






Now this is what you need to score to be on the LIST.





Division One

150 – 199


600 - 749

Division Two

100 – 149


450 - 599

Division Three

50 – 99


300 - 449

Division Four

25 – 49


150 - 299


less than 25


Less than 150


If you think that you are a Main 25 Basher then try this for a challenge.  The LIST ALL TIME rules are very similar to those for individual years only the points required are much greater!  Can you handle it or are you merely a newcomer to the scene.

Add up your total mileage for all Class 25 locomotives.

You get one point for each 100 miles.


Add up the total number of different Class 25 locos that you have had.  You get two points for each loco.



For each year you’ve had a Rat for haulage you get 10 points.  (For example having your first Rat in 1981 would give you at most 50 points assuming that you have had one in each year.)


For each Rat over 1000 miles you get an additional 10 points






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