Class 25 Action

Newtown Saturday 3rd July 1982

2J57 07.38 Shrewsbury - Aberystwyth

From the 3rd July 1982 - Cambrian trains pictures.

25224 and 25133 (near) wait at the signal box just outside Newtown station for the incoming DMU to arrive with the token for the next section of the single tracked line. 25097 waits patiently under the loading gauge.

With the start of an ASLEF strike the following day I decided to spend a day on the Cambrian line and went for the "maximum mileage move".  That meant catching a 05.55 train out of Birmingham to get to Shrewsbury for the 07.38 Aberystwyth departure.  Being delayed at Newtown waiting for the DMU was just typical of this day.  Our arrival time at Aberystwyth just happened coincided with our booked departure time!

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