Complete passenger train workings - by loco

Welcome to the site dedicated to British Rail's Class 25 locomotives and their passenger train workings.

Here you will find a record of all the known 'Rat' hauled passenger trains, some performance timing logs and photographs of the locos in action together with stories from my 'bashing' days when I used to chase these locos across the country for 'haulage'.

If you are interested in what passenger trains these locomotives worked then go to the "Complete passenger train workings" pages and browse the various tables.  Here you will find details of all known passenger train workings, either for an individual loco or by the month.  Alternately if you are interested in photographs of these locos or the stories behind what drove allegedly sane individuals to go to inordinate lengths in pursuit of a hobby then have a look at the "Photographs" and "Recollections" pages where you will find recorded some of the crazy things we used to get up to.  Wherever possible I have linked both the train working records and recollection pages with the appropriate photographs from both my and others collections.

When you get the chance please visit one of the preserved railways where 'Rats' still work on special diesel days and try to imagine what they must have been like in BR service but alas no words can truly describe what it was like for us back then. As the famous Welsh comedian Max Boyce says, "I was there" and throughout this site I'll be trying to convey some of my experiences from that era to you.

Over the next few years(!) I'll be adding more photographs and stories so if you didn't see anything of interest this time please pop back in a few months and look again.  If you can add to the information you see here or have any comments/criticisms then email me at

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On this site you will find:

14,950 passenger train workings

totalling over 1,352,000 miles

892 photographs (colour and B&W)

This site is dedicated to those members of The Rat Roadshow who made it onto "The List" in 1984 and 1985 regardless of whether you were in the Premier League or Vauxhall Conference.

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